Mission & Vision

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The Rancho Dolores Environmental & Development Group is a Community-based, non-profit NGO that promotes the conservation of Spanish Creek Wildlife Sanctuary through environmental education, volunteerism and sustainable economic development of Rancho Dolores and surrounding villages.



The Rancho Dolores Environmental & Development Group unifies villagers to transform local attitudes towards the sustainable use of the White Water Lagoon and Spanish Creek Areas to improve the quality of life surrounding communities while preserving the natural and cultural heritage.


Guiding Principles

The following are the driving forces for RDEDCL:

  • Wanting better for our community, including better economic development
  • Desire for a more cooperative community
  • Keeping land for communal benefit
  • No person is an island, strength in unity
  • Transparency
  • Pride in Creole culture


Member of APAMO

APAMO-Member-logoRDEDCL is a proud member of APAMO, the Association of Protected Areas Management Organizations. APAMO is Belize’s leading network of non-governmental conservation organizations that seeks to influence and encourage the Belizean society to safeguard the integrity and diversity of Belize’s protected areas system and to ensure that any use of Belize’s natural resources is sustainable.

Visit APAMO’s website for more information on the organization: www.apamobelize.org