Spanish Creek

Visit Spanish Creek for a Unique Village and Wildlife Experience!

Spanish Creek Wildlife Sanctuary (5,900 acres) was declared a protected area in July 2002 with the support of the Government of Belize, Global Facility Environmental Facility Small Grants Program and other partners. With only 206 villagers, Rancho Dolores has maintained its unspoiled beauty. The villagers led the effort to protect their creek ad surrounding tropical forests.

Ways to Experience Spanish Creek

BY DORY – A dory is similar to a canoe. It was used traditionally in the past (and still a lot today) in Belize to fish in or to transport across creeks, rivers and even along the sea. These are hand-carved by a single log by local craftsmen. Come experience Spanish Creek the Belizean way in a dory!

BY CANOE – We have canoes available that are especially fun for large groups. Choose an aluminum or locally hand-carved paddle and journey down the creek with us.

BY BOAT – If you’re not too adventurous, we also have a motor boat available that seats up to 6 persons.

BY FOOT – Don’t dare the waters at all? You can always explore Spanish Creek down our trails on foot. They lead you along the riverside, into the tropical forests and into the village.